The Story behind Xongl

Late in 2016, one of our co-founders wanted to deploy his client project on a cloud server in India. But he found it extremely difficult as choices were inferior in terms of features and yet their prices were very high. At last, when he ended up buying a server from one of those providers, he was then horrified by their substandard cloud dashboard and pathetic after-sales support.

Soon after this with the other co-founders, he planned to launch a cloud computing startup to serve the Indian developers with a smooth experience on the cloud. Above all this, affordability and security were the most important things for this team. That is why it took them nearly two years for Xongl to come live in public in 2018, December. In the same month, Xongl got into the list of top 25 tech startups in NEXT startup challenge by TREC-STEP in India.

Our datacenter location is currently in Delhi. Soon, we are going live from our next location, Bangalore. Keep watching this space, we will share more milestones as we keep crushing them.

What makes us special?

transparent cloud billing
Transparent Billing
Pay as you use. No hidden charges. Pay hourly, cancel anytime.
dedicated cloud support
Dedicated support
A support that speaks your language and dedicated to your help 24*7.
Cloud security
Security First
This is our ultimate policy. So the blackhats cannot worry you even by chance.
xongl cloud network
Xongl Promise
We hate downtime more than you. We are confident on our infrastructure.


We aim to rip off all the complexity around cloud computing with our simple platform. Future is on the cloud, and every business should be able to ride on it.

Honest pricing

Our effort is to narrow down the cost barrier between your business and cloud. We believe the accessibility of cloud computing can be increased with affordable budget-friendly solutions.

Scalability with simplicity
for affordable price

High performance scalable infrastructure on which you can smoothly run your workloads with simplicity and we are 24*7 on for your data security. All these will always be in your affordability.

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