Steps to access SQL Server Remotely

Steps to access SQL Server Remotely


In this article,we will explain the steps on how to access SQL Server Remotely,Remote access will have the ability to get access to a SQL Server from a remote location in order to access the data from SQL server.

Before accessing SQL server remotely,Please make sure you have open the SQL Port 1433 publicly or for any specific IP in window firewall.Refer this article to open port in Windows Firewall for TCP access

Step 1 : Enable TCP/IP protocol

In order to allow access to SQL Server instance, we have to enable TCP/IP protocol which is not enabled by default.Follow the below steps to Enable the same.

Go to Start –> SQL Server Configuration Manager –> Under the SQL Server Network Configuration select Protocols for <your server name> –> Make sure that TCP/IP protocol is enabled

Step 2: Changing TCP Port

Right click and select properties of TCP/IP protocol –> Goto IP Addresses tab and scroll down until you see IPALL section. Make sure the TCP Port is set to 1433.

If the TCP Dynamic Ports dialog box contains 0, which indicates that the Database Engine is listening on dynamic ports, delete the 0 and set the TCP Dynamic Ports to blank and TCP Port to 1433.

Step 3: Restart SQL Server Service

When you click OK ,You will be prompted with a message to restart the service.

In the left pane of SQL Server Configuration Manager –> SQL Server Services, –> right-click SQL Server <your server name>, and click Restart.

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