Dear User,



Due to the recent guidelines by the Govt. of India, here onwards we have to do a mandatory E-KYC for our 'INDIAN' users (Not applicable to users from other countries).  


However, if you are an Indian user and using the platform on behalf of your registered business in India, in that case kindly share your GSTIN details which will help you to get GST Input credits on your payments and no E-KYC verification is not needed for such users.


If you have recently openned an account with us, you have to cooperate for the E-KYC process with our team, before having a full access account on this platform.


Xongl ensures the privacy for each and every user on it's paltform and responsible to protect the user KYC data. 

However, We are only bound to share the user profile data on request with Indian Govt. authoraties as we are an Indian business entity.



Best Wishes, Happy Deploying with Xongl. 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

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